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The campus

College of Engineering Adoor

This place was our heaven once. We say the turning point for me at least or for most of us . I could not remember the exact date but it was somewhere in October 2001 we made the first footprints to KIP campus Adoor. New place, new faces and moreover it was a moment of desperation when we saw the KIP building. Actually there were two things which made me unhappy, we had to wear uniforms and I looked untidy in those two colors ( gray trousers and white shirt ) after two years of freedom from school uniform and I felt like going back to school again.

Really it wasn’t ! I will tell you the story later. The second thing was the KIP, it was actually an old government office of the Kallada irrigation project just refurbished to satisfy the preliminary needs of Btech students. Oh I forgot where the toilet was 🙁 ? Getting old guys , if anyone knows just put a comment, just for curiosity but I remember we used to pee somewhere :P. I was searching for an image of the old KIP, somebody shared it on FB but I cannot find it now. I will put it here once I get it from the Facebook share stalk. You are going to hear more stories from us I am planning to get somebody to write it properly, must be better than me. Moments section will be completely dedicated to our CEA lives from 2001 to 2005.

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