Battle of phone dealers – Spoiled my day

July 4, 2012 by Sarath D R in Articles, General with 0 Comments

Today ( 3rd of July ) I felt relieved after being gone through a hectic days of working. My second android application released today and was kind of a relaxed mood. I was planing to buy a new android phone for my development purpose so was searching for some mobile deals online and found so many cheap deals which seemed to be fine for my budget. Since I already have an o2 phone, did not really care about the minutes and other offers from the operator. Finally my search ended up with two option either to buy a HTC Wildfire S pay as you go( £99 half price ) phone or buy Samsung Galaxy Note pay monthly ( £21 per month ). Both offers seems to be much cheaper and find these offers on Carphoneware house website. Also it was interesting that I could not find the same offers anywhere on the operator websites and could not really understand the logic behind this pricing.

After a big collision of arguments with regard to the pros and cons of each handsets inside my mind, decided to stick on to Samsung Galaxy Note. The reasons for the selection is a little bit strange as always 🙂

– The current financial situation is not good to spend £99 at a time

– HTC Wildfire S old model

– Good one but outdated

etc 🙂

In the evening after office went to the Oxford Circus Carphone Warehouse with a joy of having a new toy gadget to play with. I met one sales guy in the store and I was asked to wait for 10 minutes. After 15 minutes one sales girl came towards me and I told her about the deal. She made some search on her PC and find out the same deal £21 per month T-mobile for the Samsung Galaxy Note. I felt happy and handed over all my card details to her to check my credit history. I was not comfortable at all to give her the details, hope she won’t missuse it. The best thing is to believe carphoneware house! Unfortunately my card verification did not go through and she informed me that the machine they were using is very old it is a usual problem. I feel something fishy on that statement and anyway there was no other option so went to the next shop near to carphonewarehouse.

The real issue begun here, the shop was phone4you in Oxford circus. I found one sales guy in the ground floor of the shop and explained him regarding the deal. The first dialogue came from him was “No there was nothing like this exist in the market or it must be a refurbished handset not an original one”. I was shocked by hearing this! Is it true ? There is millions of mobile phones being sold all over UK every day and Are they betrayed ? If so it should be brought in front of the public. He argued with me and I was asked to go with him to second floor. There he noted and my phone number and name and he needed all the details of the deal. He asked me so many questions to me. “Where did you find the deal?”, “Which operator is providing the deal ?” etc. I felt irritated and I was not supposed to answer all the questions. F**K Off I said it in my mind. Around 5 minutes later he brought another guy who behaved as if he was the one who invented mobile phones. They are all look so rude and it was a different experience for me at first time in UK. Anyway I realised that there is a huge competition in this field and also something hidden going through in this business. Later I read some stories of cheating by these mobile marketers over internet. I think we should be more careful before we buy phones. I am going to try my luck tomorrow with another dealer. Hope I will have something good to tell you tomorrow !

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