Selling Spirituality

May 15, 2008 by Sarath D R in Articles, General with 1 Comment

Nowadays we could find lots of spiritual leaders offering many kinds of curing methods to our staggered mind. I think this has become a well managed business network. Every organisations have branches in all over the world and huge amount money of involved in it. Why people are around these types of pseudo mystics? May be because of they need instant cure and I wondered hearing the number of software engineers participated in an event conducted by one of play australian pokies online these organisation in Banglore.

These mystic people have magnetic personality or pretended to be more impressive to attract the disciples. In most cases they are using this spiritual aura to cover their actual intensions. Some of them perform miracles, something like taking ash and ornaments from air to amaze the crowd. But there are solid evidences against these fallacies.

Every human beings have beautiful minds which can weep when sorrow comes, laugh when happiness comes and it do not have a fixed state; that differs us from the animals. Is it necessary to allow others to rule our mind and help them to make money? Be yourself and enjoy the life.

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  1. Niyaz PKJun 14, 2008 at 11:30 am

    I agree.

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